Great things happen when your team presents better.

Public speaking workshops to raise the communication standard at your organization, increase team effectiveness, and grow your business

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Boring presentations and speaking nerves limiting your team's growth and results?

Help your team become great public speakers so they can:

Feel more confident

Great public speaking is as much about how you speak to yourself, as it is about how you speak to your audience.

Be more engaging

Attention is half the battle of communication. If no one is listening, it doesn't matter what's said.

Tell better stories

Human beings think in story. It's time we start speaking that way too. The bullet-point approach is dead.

Add more

Better communication = better results. With better presentation skills your team will drive more value. It's that simple.

Thousands of professionals trained at the world's top companies

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What do our workshops cover?

Public speaking can be broken down into four core competencies.


“What you say”
Learn the art of creating compelling content to make presentations 10x better


“How you say it”
Learn a transformational perspective on body and voice to keep people captivated in any presentation


“Slides that don’t suck”
Learn how to quickly and easily create slides that stand out and add real value to the audience experience


“Comfort and Confidence”
Learn how to overcome the fear that goes hand-in-hand with high stakes communication

How do the workshops… work?

Our workshop are all built with three layers of depth in mind:

The Tactical layer

practical and easy to use tips and tricks that can be implemented immediately

The Tactical layer

practical and easy to use tips and tricks that can be implemented immediately

The Strategic layer

models and frameworks that make presentation creation and delivery feel easy

The Strategic layer

models and frameworks that make presentation creation and delivery feel easy

The Transformational layer

new perspectives that dramatically shift how people experience public speaking

The Transformational layer

new perspectives that dramatically shift how people experience public speaking

We have a variety of workshop options to help your team grow across the four main pillars of public speaking!

Four Ways to Train Your Team

Talk Master

A 5-Day public speaking mastery program for leaders and aspiring speakers

Talk Master

A transformational
2-day workshop for teams to unlock their potential

Talk Master

An impactful 1-day workshop to deep dive into a select public speaking skill

Talk Master

Jam packed presentations for audiences to level up their public speaking!
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What people say about our workshops

You 100% NEED to book this training! It will change your life in more ways than you could imagine. It will not only make you and your team better public speakers but it will make you think differently about fear in general and how to communicate every day.
Chief Operating Officer
I booked a virtual workshop for my team and initially, my plan was to join the workshop, leave my camera off and multitask to get some much needed work done (I was super busy). Well... Eric and Eli screwed up those plans because I found the session so engaging and interesting that I legitimately couldn't focus on anything else. I feel like my whole team took a leap in this workshop.
Director of Solutions
I can't stop telling people about this workshop.

The learning was off the charts, the coaching was world-class, the growth was way beyond my expectations.

Seeing the shifts happen live was incredible.
Talent Enablement
This workshop goes so far beyond the same old tips and tricks.

I was expecting the typical stuff like, “don’t say um”, without actually teaching me how to get rid of the filler words.

Instead this workshop completely shifted my perspective on public speaking. And… it actually gave me the solution to my “um’s”!

Our workshops actually drive results.

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What types of teams can benefit from a public speaking workshop?

Every team can benefit from public speaking training, because public speaking is a skill that transcends seniority, job functions and industries. Whether your team presents internally or externally, how they communicate matters. Our workshops have helped engineering teams, product management teams, customer success teams, marketing teams, sales teams, management teams and executive teams.

How many people should I have in my public speaking workshop?

There are lots of ways to learn public speaking, but the best way is in “public”. Learning in a group setting allows people to apply new strategies in a real public speaking environment. Because of that we recommend a group size of ~15 people for most of our programs. That said, some programs work better with even larger crowds! If you've got less than ten people on your team, head over to our Individual Courses page or book a free chat with one of our co-founders.

How long are your public speaking workshops?

We have a variety of programs that vary in length, but our flagship program - Talk Master CORE - is a jam-packed two-day workshop. Get in touch to learn about the program that’s right for your team!

My team doesn't public speak all the time - is this training still worth it?

When you can lift a 50 pound weight, a 5 pound weight feels like a feather.

What the heck does that have to do with public speaking?

Well - public speaking is the 50 pound weight of communication. It's the hardest form of communication, and when your team masters the hardest form of communication, all other communication will become easier. So if you want your team to become amazing public speakers, and learn how to communicate more effectively regardless of whether or not they have a “stage”, then these workshops are for sure worth it!

Are your programs in-person or virtual?

We offer both in-person and virtual sessions! Get in touch and we can discuss which program is right for you and your team!

Ready to invest in your team and help them develop the most valuable skill in the world?

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