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Speaker Labs teaches people how to become exceptional Public Speake Public Speakers, Presenters, Storytellers, Leaders, Communicators, Managers and Entertainers.

Learn the art of captivating storytelling

Unlock your unique public speaking style

Discover true communication confidence

We’re a communications training firm focused on helping professionals unlock their public speaking potential. Our Talk Master Certification program helps leaders, managers, and teams transform the way they communicate.

We’d love to meet and discuss building a package that’s right for you.

Our Talk Master group training programs are designed to help every member of your team unlock communication skills they didn’t even know they had. Run our two-day program with your company and watch the transformations happen right before your eyes. Every participant leaves fearless and effective. That’s the name of the game. The most common feedback we get? “I wish the program was longer!”

Complete the full Speaker Labs training program to become a:

How does it all work? Glad you asked...

The Labs

That’s what we call our workshops. Why? Because we’re cool like that. 

Our labs were built with three layers of depth in mind:

The tactical layer – practical tips and tricks you can readily use

The conceptual layer – new models and methods that you can apply to level up your game

The transformational layer – new perspectives that dramatically shift how you look at communication and public speaking

Check out our four core labs:

The Content Lab
You know your key message, but that doesn’t mean you’ve designed your content in a way that ‘connects’. Our formula will help you create impactful narratives that resonate deeply with your audience.
The Delivery Lab
Content – check! Great speakers don’t stop there. In this lab you’ll find your unique voice and uncover those hidden talents in presentation delivery that you didn’t even know you had.
The Visuals Lab
The best visual aids don't just look beautiful, they align your audience with your core message. You'll learn to create visual aids that not only compliment your content and delivery, but that glue the two together.
The Mindset Lab
Why learn something new if it doesn’t last? We call this part of the process “The Mindset Lab”... You will come out of it different. This one’s a wild ride. Buckle up.

Damn! We almost forgot to introduce ourselves!

Who we are

Hi – Eric and Eli here!

We started Speaker Labs in 2016 so that we could focus all of our time and effort around two of the things we value most: communication and teaching. We both began our careers as Faculty Members at the Ivey Business School where we were fortunate enough to lecture packed classrooms every day. It was during this time that we fell in love – not with each other (although we are best friends) – but with teaching. Helping others develop became a life passion for us.

After teaching, we took a few years to explore the world of tech start-ups (we are millennials after-all) and we saw how communication is pervasive, not only in the classroom, but in all areas of business. It was clear that expressing ideas confidently and clearly was a common challenge, and we gravitated towards helping others over that all-too-common hurdle.

Then, we took a leap. A leap that turned our passions into a company.

Enter Speaker Labs.



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