Public speaking training for ambitious leaders and high performing teams.

Public speaking training for leaders and teams.

Stop settling for boring presentations at work

When the world's top companies need public speaking training, they come to us.

These are just a few

Can anyone become a world class public speaker?

Of course! Everyone can get better - no matter where they start.

Aspiring speakers can become great speakers
Great speakers can become exceptional speakers
Exceptional speakers can become world-class leaders
Public speaking has no finish line

Want public speaking mastery?
Level up all four pillars!

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Learn the art of story
Great public speaking starts with having something to say. The good news? Whether it's developing more message clarity, structuring a compelling presentation, or becoming a world-class storyteller - creating compelling content is a skill that anyone can master!

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Engage any audience
If people aren’t listening, it doesn’t matter what's being said. Even with great content, some people struggle to keep audiences engaged. Great ideas need great expression, which is why delivery is such a game changer for influence and impact. And the best part? Becoming an engaging and dynamic speaker is available to everyone, and it can be accomplished without ever compromising authenticity.

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Create slides that don’t suck
A great slide deck can take a great presentation to new heights!

A poor slide deck can ruin everything.

The quality of a visual aid is super important. Learning how to build great visuals is a simple and powerful way to optimize a presentation...and it's so much easier than you think!

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Unlock confidence in the highest stakes moments
The single most important pillar of public speaking is confidence. It's great to up-level your content, delivery, and visual aids, but without learning how to overcome the nervousness that comes along with public speaking, your potential is capped.

Learning the strategies is essential, but optimizing your mindset is the ultimate unlock.

Meet the founders!

Hey – Eric and Eli, here! We started Speaker Labs in 2016 so that we could focus all of our time and effort around two of the things we value most: communication and teaching.

We both began our careers as Faculty Members at the Ivey Business School where we were fortunate enough to lecture packed classrooms every day. It was during this time that we fell in love – not with each other (although we are best friends) – but with teaching. Helping others turned out to be a life passion for us.

After teaching, we took a few years to explore the world of tech start-ups (we are millennials after-all) and we saw how communication is pervasive, not only in the classroom, but in all areas of business. It was clear that expressing ideas confidently and clearly was a common challenge, and we gravitated towards helping others over that all-too-common hurdle.

Then, we took a leap. A leap that turned our passions into a company.

Enter Speaker Labs.

Make speaking
your superpower

Turn your team into superstar speakers!
Get the skills to own the stage
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